Anthony Essien poses at Picture Studios in front of a rack of clothing from his DIVNITY1 Clothing line

Born in Boston, MA but raised during his early years in Ghana, Anthony Essien knows a thing or two about forging his own path. He was raised by African parents with Christian values, yet somehow found a way to merge his spiritual beliefs with street fashion. A mere 21 years old and already a UNC Graduate, he describes his time in Chapel Hill as life changing and “fun” because of the relationships he built. When it came time to find models for his DIVINITY1 Clothing Company, he drew upon those very same relationships along with some old fashioned hustle and resourcefulness. In the paragraphs that follow, you’ll learn about his journey.

Which Fashion Designers Do You Admire The Most?

Definitely Demna (from Balenciaga). I look up to him a lot for fashion. Of course Virgil Abloh may he rest in peace (RIP). I have tremendous respect for him and his work at Louis Vuitton. Also Kanye aka Yeezy of course. Can’t be easy. Those are my main inspirations and people I look up to. It’s just those guys.

When Did You Decide To Start A Clothing Line?

It was completely random. I just wanted to make cool clothes. It was as simple as that. I raised money to start the company by working and saving up. I also got a little help from my parents with the initial capital.

Photography by Anthony Essien | Shot at Picture Studios (@rentmystudio) in Greensboro, NC

I don’t want it to be like other Christian brands where they just put a bunch of random bible verses on t-shirts and hoodies and call it a brand. That’s not a brand. That’s merchandise. My brand has a singular message….Seek The Divine.

Anthony Essien is the Founder and Creative Director Of DIVNITY1 Clothing Co.
Photography by Crystal at Picture Studios (@rentmystudio) in Greensboro, NC

Which Platform Did You Use To Build Your Website?

I used Webflow to build my website. I taught myself how to use it. I tried the others like Shopify and Weebly but I didn’t like them. The best one for me was Webflow because it gave me more freedom to do whatever I wanted. I built the website with my products on the site and then began advertising my brand across social media.

Where Did You Do Your Product Photography?

After my first clothing brand drop, I was looking for a studio to do photography. I tried doing it outside but I wanted something more consistent so that I could control it during the editing process. I did a quick Google search and found Picture Studios. I gave it a try and I have always come back since. It’s a great experience. Nice space. It has basically everything you need. Lights. Support. Great people. I love going there. I feel like I’m home. It’s awesome.

How Did You Learn To Do Your Own Photography?

It was just a lot of trial and error. Just seeing what was working and what didn’t work. It wasn’t necessarily hard because I had a good camera and that definitely made it easier. If you have a good camera, then honestly, photography ain’t that bad. I mean, it’s pretty self explanatory. Really just trial and error. The challenging part was the editing process because I had to figure out what worked for me and my brand. With editing, I had to learn how to export it to social media while still keeping the quality high instead of it being compressed by the algorithm.

Why Is Your Line Unique And What Was The Inspiration?

I’m a Christian. My parents are pastors. DIVINITY1 is a Christian brand. That’s where the word “divinity” comes from. The one comes from my belief that there is only one divine God. That’s how I came up with the name.

I take every little thing into account. The fabric and quality of the garments has to be very high. I’m very particular about that because I don’t want to sell something to someone else that is below my expectations. I’m very forward thinking about giving the customer what the item is worth. I always make sure that my clothes are high quality from the weight of the fabric to the type of fabric and the blend of the fabric. All of that is very important to me. It’s important that my clothes are well built and that they can withstand basically anything. Strong threading. Strong stitching. What inspired me to launch a brand was just looking at other brands and thinking I could do it better. This may sound selfish but I’m a competitive person and I’m really into fashion. I saw what other people were doing and thought, “okay”. I love fashion. I love how it can bring different people together and unite them no matter what race they are. It’s a great way to express myself and my individuality.

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