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Paris Natoria is a serial entrepreneur and former recording artist. She is the owner of Opulence Body Studio located at Meadowview Crossing at 2302 W Meadowview Rd #116, Greensboro, NC 27407.

Where were you born and what was your childhood like?

I was born in Greensboro, and my childhood was not really much of a childhood. So I grew up pretty fast. I had to raise my sisters and brothers. So, yeah, life was still good, but it wasn’t much of a childhood.

What music do you remember hearing in your household?

So many different genres of music, but most of all, like R&B soul, everything from James Brown to Mary J. Blige to Anita Baker to just everything. My family is a family of music, so just about everything from R&B to hip-hop, we heard it in our household.

How would you describe your time as a music artist?

Therapy. I would describe it as therapy. During my time when I was doing music, it was really a release for me. It was a way for me to express myself. It was a way for me to just go off into a different world and just let my voice be heard.

How did music prepare you to launch other businesses?

The money, the money, the money. It definitely gave me a sense of independence, and once I achieved that in music, I knew that I needed to branch out and expand into different businesses and entrepreneurship to have just different backup plans.

Photos by Crystal Rogers at Picture Studios in Greensboro, NC | Follow @RentMyStudio

What was life like for you during the pandemic?

Lonely. I think it was for everybody, but during the pandemic, it was uncertain. I was afraid because I was a business owner, and even thinking of going back to music, you couldn’t really do any shows or concerts or anything like that, so it was just a time of uncertainty, but it definitely made my faith even more, and it just made me value my family and friends a lot more, so yeah, that was a scary time.

What would you do if the world shut down again?

Sleep, and I wouldn’t be frantic this time. Last time I was frantic, I wouldn’t touch a doorknob. I basically just was afraid, but this time, I think I would actually relax and sleep and enjoy some TV shows or something.

How did you first learn about body sculpting?

I first learned about body sculpting because I was in music, and I was invited by BET to the BET Awards, and I had to sit front row, had on a fabulous dress, everything was perfect, but I just felt like I wasn’t as contoured as the other female artists there, and a lot of them had had surgery, things like that. At the time, I’m not going to lie, I couldn’t afford surgery, but I was even scared to get it, so I was looking for more natural ways to sculpt my own body, and I came across body sculpting, and I went to class in D.C. to learn how to do it, and it wasn’t for a business. It was just for myself, but once it started to work about almost five years ago, it just took off on its own, and I got a business license, and the clients literally made me make it into a business, and that’s actually how I got out of music, was because body contouring consumed my life. It was not my decision. I would have never thought I would be body sculpting.

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Tell us about the services that your body studio provides.

At Opulence, we provide laser liposuction, skin tightening, butt lifts, facials. We do facial skin tightening, lashes, cellulite reduction, a lot. We do everything. Whatever you need, we work magic.

What do you tell potential clients who are scared of body sculpting?

Most of the time, women aren’t really scared because when we want something, we’re going to get it. But for anyone who has questions on the safety and any type of precautions that they should take, I would just say make sure you’re with someone who is actually educated on body contouring. And for the most part, most of it is all natural. It’s more so in the technique. So it’s much more safer than surgery or taking pills or injections or things like that because it’s non-invasive. So that’s pretty much what makes it very safe.

Tell us about the growth of the business since you started.

The growth of the business has been unexpected. Like I said, I was really doing it for myself, and I just thought it was going to be like a few of my friends, and we’re going to take some pictures. But I’ve actually grown clients from New York, Raleigh, Greensboro, Charlotte. I have clients who fly down to actually see me. So the growth is amazing.

How is Paris the Hustler different than Mommy Paris?

Paris the Hustler is different from Mommy Paris because Mommy Paris is perfect. The Hustler Paris, my baby doesn’t know about. So I think I’m more aggressive. At home, I’m a pushover. At home, it’s whatever you want. You can have it. In the real world, it’s a little different. I have to get whatever I want.

Photos by Crystal Rogers at Picture Studios in Greensboro, NC | Follow @RentMyStudio

How does being a parent motivate you in business?

Because I can’t come home without the money. Being a parent motivates me in business because it gives me a sense of compassion because I have someone else to care for. So I really care for other people. It just gives me a sense of belonging. That’s where I belong at the end of the day and I make sure that I take care of people the same way I would want someone to take care of mine.

Do you love social media, hate it, or love hate it?

I have mixed emotions, so I guess it would be love hate social media. I love it for the content, for being able to reach out to my supporters and family and friends. I guess not really hate, but I guess the con to social media is that it creates a reality that’s not a reality.

How has it changed music and society in general?

I think it has taken away from the real life experience. You can see a concert now before it comes to your city,
which takes away from that artist and fan experience. It takes away from sales. We have streaming sales,
but it takes away from just the real live experience. That’s the only downside. The good side to it is that you can get it instantly.

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What is one thing about you that people are wrong about?

One thing about me that people are wrong about is that they usually think I’m stuck up. It’s like they’re not wrong. I am. No, I’m just playing. I’m not.

What’s the best movie you’ve seen so far this year?

I have to say it. The best movie I’ve seen so far is The Little Mermaid. Shout out Halle.

Which shows have you binge watched all by yourself?

I have binge watched all of them. The pandemic has made me watch all of them from BMF to Raising Canaan.

What is one trend that needs to go away?

Oh my gosh. One trend. See, that’s the one. I don’t want to offend anybody. I don’t want to hurt some feelings. One trend that needs to go away ASAP, and I say this as a woman who actually tried to step into the trend a little bit, but it’s just not for me, is see-through clothes. Just stop. Please. Make it easier for us.

“Most of the time, women aren’t really scared because when we want something, we’re going to get it.” – Paris Natoria