In This Photo: Joshua Perry (Left), Evan Rogers (Center) and David C Pyles, Jr. (Right) on set in Burlington, NC

The wait is almost over. Check out the official trailer for @c.r.e.a.m.themovie23, the highly anticipated crime drama starring Crystal The Doll and Mena Monroe. In C.R.E.AM., Detective Carter gets caught in a cross fire following her heart, her past and her badge. Below are five things that you may not know about the film.

1. C.R.E.A.M. Has More Than One Meaning

Hip Hop heads that came up in the 1990s will recognize C.R.E.A.M. as an acronym that means “Cash Rules Everything Around Me’. “CREAM” by Wu-Tang Clan is a classic hip-hop track that was released as a single from the group’s debut album, “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers),” in 1993. Wu-Tang Clan is an influential hip-hop collective from New York City, known for its gritty lyrics, unique production, and martial arts-themed aesthetic.

The song explores the struggles and aspirations associated with poverty and the pursuit of financial success. The lyrics delve into the challenges of growing up in economically disadvantaged environments and the desire to escape those circumstances. The track features verses from several members of Wu-Tang Clan, including Inspectah Deck, Raekwon, and Method Man (whole also provided vocals for the iconic hook).

2. Most Of The Filming Was In North Carolina

CREAM (2023) will be distributed by Homestead Entertainment and was executive produced by Dennis L Reed II. Widely considered the godfather of the urban movie scene in Detroit, MI, Reed has several dozen projects under his belt with with the First Lady movie trilogy being among the most notable. Luc Stephen and UE Wynn are also credited as producers for the project which was principally shot in Burlington, NC, Detroit, MI and Raleigh, NC.

Go Behind The Scenes Of The Local Auditions For CREAM The Movie | Shot At Picture Studios In Greensboro, NC

3. Dozens Of NC Actors Landed Key Roles

In addition to the headliners, King Brandon, K Deezy, Travis Johnson, Raquel ‘Coco’ Mills, Savion Winston and Devin Nikki Thomas are some of the supporting actors that make the movie go. Several dozen North Carolinians also made their feature film debuts and were credited as actors or extras for CREAM. Live auditions were held at Picture Studios in Greensboro, NC for novice and experienced day players. Crystal Rogers (Founder of Picture Studios) was the key makeup artist for CREAM which will debut on Tubi in December.

Benjamin Morales (aka Beny Bermuda), Cameron Rivers, Shakeyah Parson, Jiwan Kapp, Nate Mims (aka Payniak), Cameron Shaw and Deborah Missy Scott are among the actors that auditioned in Greensboro prior to landing roles in the movie.

Sunnydale Hyde, Joshua Perry, James Sims, David C Pyles Jr., and Hit Club Pro founder Suzette Victoria also make an appearance in the film along with fellow North Carolinians Joilee Havner, Ta’lor Floyd and Denzel Wynn.

4. The Screenplay Has Multiple Writers

According to, writing credits (in alphabetical order) include Abeni Nazeer and Kwame “Dutch” Teague. Abeni was raised in Baltimore, MD and is best known for drama SIN, a full-length feature starring Lou Gossett Jr. Teague is a highly regarded storyteller that has collaborated in the past with Raleigh-based UE Wynn Publishing.

In This Photo: Up And Coming Actress Shakeyah Parson Receives Feedback From Cinema Veteran Luc Stephen

Veteran cinematographer Frank Blenman was credited as director for the film per Above the line credits include Adrian “Tru” Toscano, Cheryl Davis, Luc Stephen and Tamika “Tammy” Myrie. Adrian is best known for Frenemies (2021) and has worked with both Frank Blenman and Luc Stephen on other projects.

5. The Official Trailer Is Now On YouTube

If you’re ready for a sneak peak of the film, be sure to follow CREAM on Instagram and share the trailer below.