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Born And Raised In Brooklyn, Timaine “TB Too Funny” Bryant, is an up and coming actor, comedian and internet personality. Best known for his viral skits starring “Jose” and other characters, he recently landed a role in “First Day Out”, a feature film directed by Pete Pitrelli and Dale Stelly. Now residing in Charlotte, NC, his appearance in the film placed him alongside frequent collaborators like Myron Jewell as well as North Carolina icons Anthony Hamilton and Dutchess Latimore.

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Where were you born, and what was your childhood like?

(Timaine) I was born in Brooklyn, New York. I grew up in a household of four with my parents and my little brother. It was like growing up with everything I ever wanted, you know? My parents weren’t the richest, but they made do. Now as an adult, I understand what they had to go through. I don’t have any kids yet, but man! So, yeah, I had a good childhood growing up.

What was the worst thing that you ever did as a child?

(Timaine) Oh, man. Cut school and got caught. It was the worst thing. That’s one of the worst things. Cutting school, ran into my dad. All of a sudden, I got a beating in front of all of my friends and I never lived that down, ever. It was embarrassing. I cut school but he was supposed to be at work. Instead, he was running these streets!

Photos by Crystal Rogers at Picture Studios in Greensboro, NC | Follow On Instagram @RentMyStudio

How would you compare life in NC to New York City?

(Timaine) New York is a lot faster; everybody’s ripping and running, everybody’s got somewhere to go. Here in Charlotte, it’s more laid back. You can drive; the traffic is getting crazy, though. All the New Yorkers are coming down here. I’m gonna need y’all to take it easy because, you know, I’m down here, and it’s not a good look on me, so I need y’all to stay where y’all at or just go back to where you came from.

Why did you make the move to North Carolina?

(Timaine) Well, I was ready to leave New York. I watched my mom and my pop struggle just trying to make it. We had a two-bedroom apartment, and me and my brother shared a room. He was growing up and it was time for me to go. You know? I had a girlfriend and I was like, OK, I’m at the age now where I can. I worked. I always worked. I’ve always believed in having my own money. So it was just time to leave. It was time to go somewhere new. I have cousins and aunts here. So I was like, well, let me go somewhere where if I need somebody, I have them. So sure enough, North Carolina was definitely that place. And I’ve just grown so much just being here and I have met so many people, so many friends. So being here in Charlotte has really helped me.

Photos by Crystal Rogers at Picture Studios in Greensboro, NC | Follow On Instagram @RentMyStudio

How did you come up with the idea for Jose?

(Timaine) So Jose was really an experiment. I was in the bathroom; I had a wig and I had a mustache, and I just put it together and made a video of me dancing. I was just, you know, in the bathroom dancing as Jose, and, before you know it, that video just went crazy. And like Cedric the Entertainer, like everybody was just on it. So that’s when it really started and Jose has just been a legend ever since.

How is Jose different than you as TB the comedian?

(Timaine) I feel like he can do everything. He can do everything that I can’t. He walks up to women and just grabs them, you know? And the women are all like, “Oh” but Jose’s like, yeah, you know you with this!” He robs people with rocket launchers; he’s just a loose cannon, man. TB can never do that. I can’t rob anybody with a rocket launcher or have a gun at that. Yeah, just keep it all away from me.

What do your fans say when they meet you for the first time?

(Timaine) They say he’s a lot taller; wow, he’s big. He’s really big in real life. I’m gonna just say that I’m not as fat as I look on camera. I actually feel like I’m a little smaller, but y’all be trying to come for me, but I mean, it’s cool, you know?

How did you end up in the movie “First Day Out”?

(Timaine) The director actually hit me up. He wrote me in my DM; he was like, um, I love your Jose character, and I also want to have him in the movie somehow. I don’t care how; you’re gonna be some type of bad guy maybe, I don’t know, but I’m gonna need Jose in the movie. And then maybe a week later, he sent me the script with Jose being an Uber driver, and it was history from there.

What did you like the most about the plot?

(Timaine) I loved the whole movie, actually. The movie was done with all my friends and stuff that I do skits with on the regular. So the plot was great; you know, he forgot where the money was and had to find the money. If you haven’t seen the movie, definitely check that. It’s on Amazon and it’s on Tubi TV right now. You should definitely see it because you get to see Jose going crazy. If you follow Jose on social media, he’s exactly how he is on social media in the movie. He’s not watered down in any way; he’s literally a loose cannon in the movie. So yes, definitely watch it if you love to laugh.

Photos by Crystal Rogers at Picture Studios in Greensboro, NC | Follow On Instagram @InsideMonthly

Who is the best two-sport athlete of all time?

(Timaine) I’m going to say Allen Iverson. He played basketball and football. And he was actually pretty good in football, actually. Another, we’re going to count wrestling as a sport. That’s what it is. And I’m going to say Roman Reigns. He’s a wrestler, but he’s also played professional NFL football as well. So, it’s a couple of them, actually.

Which pro-sports team would you buy if you could?

(Timaine) I would buy the Lakers. Because LeBron James is the GOAT. You know what I’m saying? Why not? I mean, he only got a few more years left. But then his son is going to come into the league. He’s going to take us to the next level. So, definitely, yeah, the Lakers.

Who would play the lead in a movie about your life?

(Timaine) Ooh. My little brother. He knows a lot about me. And I feel like he imitates me a lot. So, I think my brother.

Do you believe connections are more valuable than money?

(Timaine) That’s one thing I preach. I have a skit team in Charlotte. And sometimes, some people there won’t want take an opportunity because they’re not being paid. Sometimes just the networking and just getting to be in a room with certain people and rubbing elbows is just enough to get you to where you want to be. You know, now another door has opened up off that free thing that you did. You know what I’m saying? So, money is definitely not all of it. Asking for money actually will put you in a hole sometimes.

Where would you vacation if money was not an object?

(Timaine) Paris. I would go back to Paris. I had a good time when I went to Paris. Another place is Dubai. I’ve never been to Dubai. I would love to go there.

What should people expect to see from you in the future?

(Timaine) In the future, more movies, more being on the TV screen, more shows, and hopefully just connecting with more celebs. Meeting some of my idols that I cherish, close to comedy, close to acting. So, just look for just more greatness from TB Too Funny.