Picture Studios is pleased to have participated in the inaugural Black Luxe Expo. The event was held at the High Point Theater as an outdoor community festival and indoor trade show. Over 500 patrons visited the event to celebrate a host of local vendors, black owned- businesses, community organizations and food trucks within the Piedmont Triad.

Black Luxe Expo | October 24, 2020 | High Point Theater | High Point, NC

New Products

Black Luxe Expo 2020 was an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to generate buzz about new products. At this year’s event, we had the chance to meet the fabulous founders of  Fairwicks Candles and Kayyy’s Bag Collection. Fairwicks Candles is a 100% handmade candle company offering a variety of scented candles. Kayyy’s Bag Kollection was founded by Kaise Moore who believes “every lady deserves a nice bag”.

Bree Baldwin of Fairwicks Candles | Kaise Moore of Kayyy’s Bag Kollection

Speaking of nice bags, we observed numerous customers filling up their handbags with purchases from Rhonda Oboh. Her booth featured women’s jewelry and accessories at a very affordable price point.

Rhonda Oboh of Styles and Fashion by Boh

Food Trucks

If it wasn’t for COVID-19, we would tell you that the food was finger licking good. Instead, we’ll just say that a lot of mommas got slapped on Saturday. The food was THAT good. In addition to an eclectic mix of soul food and street food, we also had the thrill of tasting a pina colada smoothie! A large cup was a healthy $7 but it was worth every penny!

Food Trucks at Black Luxe Expo 2020 | Forsyth Seafood Market & Cafe | Miss Johnnie Mae’s


Black Luxe Expo 2020 was a celebration of black excellence and we believe excellence in our community always starts with family. It was a pleasure to meet the founding family of Uniquely Created Boutique. We look forward to seeing them at Picture Studios for their next photo shoot.

Founding Family | Uniquely Created Boutique | Greensboro, NC

Big Smiles

Our original plan for the event was to capture photos at our Hollywood Style photo booth. Things didn’t quite go as planned but that did not stop us from finding big smiles throughout the venue. Be sure to visit Glow Cosmetics (@glow.costmeticso) and tell them we sent you!

The Beautiful Ladies of Glow Cosmetics Company | Picture Studios | Greensboro, NC

Special Thanks

Whitney Middlebrooks | Strategic Development | Creative Design | High Point, NC

Last but not least, we want to give a big shout out to Whitney Middlebrooks and the fantastic team that she put together. The event was well coordinated and ran smoothly from start to finish. We were happy about the turnout and proud to be affiliated with such a phenomenal event. Picture Studios looks forward to supporting Whitney on future projects (for which we are sure there will be many).