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What’s your name and where are you from?

My name is Jiwan Kapp. Born and raised in Greensboro, NC. Right now I’m a professional stand up comedian. I have been doing comedy for the past 12 years. GOOF Comp is my production company but t’s really my comedy tribe. That’s what I like to say. We’re a comedy machine that produces a lot of comedy greats. It’s my way to show my appreciation for comedy. The acronym is Giving Others Opportunities First. That’s what we do. A lot of people have gotten their start on the GOOF Camp stage. A lot of people have found their voice on the GOOF Camp stage or just being around GOOF Camp.

We have to get our hands dirty in this comedy game.

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How is North Carolina comedy different than other places?

We produce a lot of greats that don’t get their recognition. So many greats have come out of NC. Nick Lewis. DS Sanders who currently tours with Sommore. Berpie whose on The Morning Show. Ryan Davis who is big on the Internet and he’s part of GOOF Camp. Christian Johnson who is big on the Internet and part of the GOOF Camp. Darren Fleet who’s big on the Internet and he started off with GOOF Camp. The question should be “why is GOOF Camp different”?. It’s such a family vibe but you get that with other cities, honestly. Every city that I go to I have family because comedy is a big fraternity/sorority. We’re just different in North Carolina though man. That’s really all I can say just to say safe. If I say the wrong thing then people in Atlanta may be like “We heard what you said” and may not try to book me because they’re sensitive.

We’re built different. Longevity is key. A lot of North Carolina comedians are still getting money to this day.

Interview Shot On Location At Picture Studios (@rentmystudio) In Greensboro, NC

What’s the best advice you have received about being a comedian?

Stay on the mic. Stay on the mic. A lot of people think that because you’re funny for a couple of shows that you have to stop going to open mics. You still have to perfect your craft every day. We still see Kevin Hart and Chris Rock still going to open mics. Still doing pop ups to get ready for a special or something. What makes you so different? Staying on the mic is the best advice I received and I tell other comics that as well.

I have been doing comedy for twelve years so I got to see it transition with the Internet. Being funny on social media does matter. When I started, I was just going from open mic to open mic. Putting the reps in. Networking with other comics. But now it’s all about that social media presence. Creating content. Catching people for at least fifteen seconds. Five seconds. That’s where I would say the change is. It went from grassroots work and face to face to online work. I’m catching up with the online. I’m building it up. I was against it at first.

What comedian from North Carolina should we interview next?

I’m gonna have to say Christian Johnson. He’s like that. He’s on his way. Right now I had the opportunity to book his “Funny For My Family” tour. We just had a great, successful show in Birmingham, Alabama at the Stardome Comedy Club. That was big itself because I got to actually perform with my GOOF Camp Family. KwaanUStupid was the opener. Kwaan is up next too but Christian Johnson got now.