Greensboro has become a popular hub for pro wrestling in North Carolina.

When people think of sports in North Carolina, college basketball and NASCAR racing are probably the first things that come to mind. The state did not get its first NFL franchise until 1993 (Carolina Panthers) and its 34 year old basketball team, is relatively young by NBA standards. For amateur and pro wrestling promoters, however, it is the history of wrestling that makes this area so attractive.

Last month, we caught up with Suzette Priester who is the founder of Hit Club Pro and the owner of Victoria Productions. She’s making history in her own right as one of the state’s first female promoters of pro wrestling. Suzette has been a lifelong wrestling fan and has worked in the entertainment field as an actress, model and producer.

  • Hit Club Pro (Live) Was March 12th
  • Firestar Arena in Greensboro, NC
  • Follow On Instagram @HitClubPro

I love this area because of its rich history in wrestling. One of the first pay per views that I ever watched (Survivor Series) was in Greensboro and it was my favorite one ever. It just kind of made sense to do the event here.

Suzette Priester – Founder of Hit Club Pro
Hit Club Pro (Live) In Greensboro, NC | Photos by Alexis Armstrong | Courtesy Of Picture Studios

During the interview, Suzette told us about what her team hoped to accomplish during their first event. She also shared stories about her childhood, her career path as an actress/model along with things that she learned on her march toward becoming a promoter in a male dominated industry. Her goal was to bring a different vibe to independent wrestling and as you can see from the photos, she did that (and then some). Stay tuned for the Q&A interview (to be posted here) at Inside Monthly.

Suzette Priester is the Founder of Victoria Productions & Hit Club Pro

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