Concord Fashion Week is a three-day event produced by Intro Talent USA.

Hilton Garden Inn and the City of Concord served as the epicenter of fashion during the final week of March. Featuring designers such as Venancio Tadeo and the highly regarded Melanie Caballero of Ashley Victorian Couture, Concord Fashion Week showcased an array of looks plus several ascending models of all ages.

Dubbed CFW for short, the multi-day event is the brainchild of Alicia Ziegler of Charlotte, NC. Prior to founding Intro Talent USA and Mimosa Public Relations, Alicia had a successful multi-year run as the chief exec at Columbia Fashion Week | South Carolina.

One of the strengths of Concord Fashion Week is its diversity as evidenced by the wide assortment of designers, models and styles on display during the event.

Programming for this year’s slate began on Friday with a Dapper Men’s Panel sponsored by Bonobos that was streamed live on Instagram. On Saturday, the event transitioned from the virtual world to the physical realm with two runway shows at Hilton Garden Inn near Concord Mills in Concord, NC. Kids and teens walked the runway during the 1 PM show and teens + adults graced the hotel ballroom during the 6 PM show which ran past 10 PM on Saturday.

The fashion shows were on March 26th at Hilton Garden Inn in Concord, NC.

Rowdy Energy Drinks and Picture Studios (depicted in the photographs below) were among the many sponsors of the 6th Annual Concord Fashion Week.

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