Starting a business is a lot like having a child. Even if you didn’t plan on it, you still have to come up with a name. Then you have to breathe life into it and help it find its mission and purpose. Then before you know it, it’s all grown up.

Sue Denim on what it’s like to be a parent in the 21st century
Photos Provided Courtesy of PG Catering
It is no secret that some of the largest companies in the world, had their beginnings in a college dorm room or two car garage. From Apple and Amazon to Facebook and Google, history has shown that founders with big ideas do not let humble beginnings stand in their way. In the paragraphs below, you’ll come to learn more about three women business owners who are using their creativity and passion to drive their companies forward.

Rule #1 – Beauty Reveals Itself From The Inside Out

The Bridget Renee Brand

The vision of Bridget Renee is to promote self-care, self-love, and a healthy state of mental health. One of the many ways of loving yourself is to make sure that you [strive every day] to become the best version of who you are. My niche is the beauty industry. My product range includes skin care as well as beard oil and lipsticks.

Rule #2 – Your Personal Style Is More Than A Fad

Ordinarily Jas LLC

At Ordinarily Jas, we aim to curate looks that transcend fads and work for all occasions. We believe in a great outfit and want our style to help every woman feel like her best self. Our online boutique allows women to find clothing that reflects who they are every time. We specialize in women’s clothing sizes small – 4X.

Rule #3 – Don’t Live A Life That Is Easy To Forget

PG Catering Company

PG Catering’s mission is to prepare food that feeds the soul and has you craving more. My mission is to make your taste buds dance and provide an experience that people won’t forget. My target customer is anyone that needs the PG experience to spice up their event and create memories that last forever.

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