4th Wall Productions in Burlington, NC | Photos by Calvin Anderson | Courtesy of Picture Studios

Danny Quick is the Founder and CEO of 4th Wall Productions

What would you do if you applied for the opportunity of your dreams and didn’t make the cut? If you’re wired like Danny Quick, you dust off your sleeves and create your own opportunity. Scroll below to learn how Danny Quick is pursuing his passion as a comic book publisher and growing his platform to support other creatives.

His comic book studio is located at 1412 North Church Street in Burlington, NC

Danny’s company began as a home-based business selling comic books online and grew enough to open a storefront in April 2022. The retail operation will eventually expand to include art classes and a smoothie bar.

Photos by Calvin Anderson for Inside Monthly

4th Wall creates popular comics like Aceblade, Lumberjax & King Supreme

In addition to having a full-time job and pursuing a degree in graphic design, Danny and his team produces three podcasts. The Super Shorts podcast features characters from the 4th Wall Universe, Top 5 Live is a discussion about everything in the news and on Saturdays he does a podcast where he interviews other creators.

Photos by Calvin Anderson for Inside Monthly

What inspired you to get into comic books?

Danny: I didn’t even read comics growing up, because I just didn’t have access to them. I grew up in Candor, NC in Bell Acres and we just didn’t have a lot of comic book stores or stuff like that. But I did watch all of the cartoons like Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Ninja Turtles, you know, anything that came on TV. And then when I got to Middle School, it was Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon and Pokemon. I always wanted to write and tell stories so it just seemed like a natural progression for me. It was an opportunity to create and get out what was in my mind.

A lot of my favorite superheroes started off as regular people. I think we like to see a reflection of ourselves in the stories that we write. Some of the most regular people (hairstylists, teachers, pastors) can have the biggest impact on your life.

Danny Quick explaining why Aceblade does not have any superpowers (right now).

How would you describe your character Aceblade to a stranger?

Danny: Aceblade is just a dude who wants to help in his community, man. He is a masterful fighter and is using his talents to do what he believes is necessary. The community that he lives in, Vegas City (fictional Las Vegas), is rife with corruption. People go there to hit it big and risk it all. And then in our universe, sometimes that manifests in people getting superpowers that they use to beat up on people and take their money and stuff like that. So Aceblade, goes out and risks his life to help the little guy despite not having any superpowers himself.

How did you make the decision to open your own studio?

Danny: It was two things. First, I felt like I was rejected by DC Comics. They had a thing called the Milestone initiative. It had over 200 applicants that would have a chance to submit stories and potentially work with Milestone Media which is the creator of Static, Icon and Blood Syndicate. Even though I didn’t make the cut, it felt like rejection because I had taken leave off from work [for the week that] I thought I would be there. When I was not one of the 10 people they selected, it really hurt but my wife said, “Forget that. Start your own thing. Everything happens for a reason”. And literally the week I was supposed to be there, this shop became available right next door to my wife’s hair salon, so I just felt like it was the right time to jump in.

I always say that if you ask for something and God gives it to you, you’d be a fool not to take it. You can’t wait on it. You have to jump into it.

Danny Quick describing why he and his wife decided to open a comic book studio in Burlington, NC.